Physicians Association for Nutrition


Our mission is to raise awareness and promote a healthy lifestyle that may help prevent and even treat the most common diseases and illnesses in society.

Our Vision

Whole food plant-based nutrition has great potential to affect our health in a meaningful way, as has been demonstrated time and time again in studies. However, the fact is that nutrition does not get sufficient focus as a clinical tool for preventing diseases and complications. Physicians are a key factor in influencing public health, and it is imperative to equip them with far more extensive training than what they receive today regarding the effects of food on our health.
PAN aims to place nutrition at the forefront of treatment, preventative care and health in general. We create cooperation between healthcare professionals and nutrition experts while satisfying an ever-growing need for knowledge and tools in this field.

Whole food plant-based diets

Today, some of the leading recommendations by the Israeli Ministry of Health and other healthcare organizations, including the World Health Organization, emphasise whole food plant-based diets. The guidelines from the Israeli Ministry of Health are based on the Mediterranean Diet which consists mostly of plants. These guidelines were derived from findings of multiple studies that point to the many health benefits of this dietary pattern, as well as the environmental, social, and financial benefits.

Reduce consumption of these foods

Along with promoting an overall healthy diet, PAN advocates minimizing the consumption of animal products and replacing them with health-providing plant-based whole foods, plus reducing the consumption of foods that have been found to diminish one’s health, such as ultra-processed foods and sugary beverages.

אייקון של ברוקולי

Increase consumption of these foods

PAN’s core principle is to promote healthy nutrition which relies mostly on plant-based whole foods. Emphasizing these highly nutritious foods in your diet is related to improved health, and reduces the risk of diseases and complications stemming from cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, cancer and more.


Health promoting nutrition

Using nutrition to promote health will improve our quality of life and reduce chronic illnesses. As a result, it will also reduce cost and health-system overload while using a simple, practical, and attainable tool.

מחקרים קליניים בולטים

Our Target Audience – Healthcare Professionals

Our organization targets professionals from the field of medicine, particularly doctors, with an emphasis on family physicians working in the community. Family physicians hold the crucial ability to influence their patients’ lifestyle, encourage them to improve their eating habits, and help prevent disease. These doctors encounter a substantial part of the community, and their patients are interested in adhering to their nutritional guidance.
This provides a unique opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of using healthy nutrition to stay healthy.

Community Members

Webinars, Lectures and Journal Clubs

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Our Team

רוני חסון

Ronnie Hasson M.Sc. RD

General Manager

Dietitian and health promoter, B.Sc. and M.Sc. in nutrition science from the Hebrew University.

Dr. Saar Ben Zion

Community Manager

Graduate of  School of Medicine and Public Health Studies from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Completed an internship in medicine at Soroka Hospital.

כרם אביטל

Kerem Avital RD MPH

Medical Director

Nutritionist and PhD student in epidemiology at Ben Gurion University. Holds a bachelor's degree in nutritional sciences from the Hebrew University and a masters degree in public health from Tel Aviv University.

אלה בוחבינדר Ella Buhbinder

Ella Buhbinder

Media & Web Management

Holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a certificate in SEO & Media Management. 

ד"ר אבישי קרן

Dr. Avishai Keren M.D

Board member

Graduate of the School of Medicine of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Owner of an independent clinic at the Maccabi doctors' house in Bnei Brak.

לירון ברקוביץ

Dr. Liron Berkovich Ph.D

Board member

Holds a Ph.D. in medical sciences, a cancer researcher.

גיל קוגן

Dr. Gil Cogan M.D

Board member

Graduated from the Technion with a degree in medicine, later completed an internship in family medicine, and currently work as a family physician.

Dr. Efrat Suraqui M.D

Board member

A rehabilitative physician at Hadassah Mount Scopus, a graduate of medical studies at the Hebrew University.

:Our MO

Spreading Knowledge through Multiple Channels